Amsterdam has been an inviting place as it is sort of a paradise for eMobility these days. A pioneering city with hundreds of Tesla-Cabs to bring you from the airport to the city or back without pollution. The fantastic team from EVBox, giving the world the very best solutions for charging e-cars, organized an event that came out as sort of a little Woodstock of eMobility.
The best keynotes, enthusiasm and a serious and bright outlook for everything in the sector of mobility to be changed within a few years. Better get ready right now. May be you will not need your parking space very soon because you will not own a car. You will order it for an autonomous drive whenever you need it.

Here are some impressions. Enjoy and don´t forget about the many advantages from driving electric. Giving your life a new drive. Charge it with more of a Woodstock-style than the historic polluting way.

It´s now, it´s available, it´s cheap, it´s ours - don´t miss rEVolution 2019

It is my Woodstock of eMobility in the capital of eMobility in Amsterdam

rEVolution 2018 in Amsterdam: A rainbow guided me to the headquarter of EVBox the sexy international company for the disruption of mobility, right: Reinhard Bimashofer I found a Hall with my nickname BIM, down Tony Seba about a bright and peaceful future with eMobility, and from China, the sensitive and so impressive Jack Cheng with the soon coming NIO ES 8


Back home in Austria my wife Ireen showing her new revolutionary socks from EVBOX - that´s a real rEVolution